Vela – the sails of the Argo Navis, a constellation with the appearance of a grand ship believed to take ancient Greek argonauts on voyages in search of treasure. The Vela sail can be seen skimming along the river of the Milky Way.   


Today Vela takes its patrons on their own journey. A modern reflection of traditional hospitality, bridging contemporary style, flavours, and practices with the nostalgic feelings of quality experiences and connection. 


With an iconic illuminated feature modelled after the stars of the Milky Way, sea foam banquettes built in the shape of waves, and the swooping bar and Chef’s counter encompassing the dining room like the night sky – it’s easy to imagine Vela as the starting point for extraordinary adventures.

Just as we intended.




Restaurant Hours:
Friday & Saturday
Sunday Brunch
Sunday Dinner

5pm - 11pm
5pm - 12am
5pm - 12am
11:30am - 3pm
5pm - 11pm